Spider Grills

Spider Grills was born out of an idea that an elegant solution should exist to convert one of the world’s favorite grills into a pellet smoker. See how we helped bring this idea to life.


Truly Unique Design

Our unique approach to problem solving is the key to designing unique products that set brands apart.

For Spider Grills, this meant combining a multitude of disciplines including Industrial Design, Market Research, Design for Manufacture, and Branding to create a first of its kind product for the outdoor cooking market.


Spider Grills


Customer Experience Focused

Spider Grills is a brand built around people who love the simplicity of grilling. It was important for our design to add to this experience and not detract from it.

We focused on designing a product that arrives fully assembled and attaches to an existing grill with no tools.

The Spider-22 combines the simplicity of using pellets as a fuel source with an already existing iconic grill.

“Spider Grills sought to bring a new product to market that transformed an American Classic into a pellet grill. With our help they did just that.”

— David Hemming – Founder and COO, Atlas PMG
Kamado Joe product grill image
Our mission

Detail Oriented

The Spider-22 product wasn’t complete without an elegant solution for heat distribution and grease management. We were not satisfied with any of the solutions available in the market, so we started from scratch. Our custom all-in-one design integrates flawlessly with your grill without added cost and complexity. The custom nature and simplicity of this solution is a small example of how we care about every detail of the products that we create.