Kudu Grills

We began working with Kudu Grills shortly after they closed a successful crowdfunding initiative. Since then, we have helped to create cohesive branding for their entire product line-up, improve quality, design new products, and consolidate their supply chain.

Kudu Grills

Cost Saving & Quality Improvement

By working with our company, KUDU was able to meet cost reduction goals while also improving the quality of their product with refinements like stainless steel hardware and advanced high temp coatings.

Kudu Grills

Kudu Grills
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Simplified Supply Chain

Where KUDU previously had as many suppliers as they had products, we were able to provide them competitive pricing for their entire line-up.

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Branding & Packaging Design

By creating a BRANDING STYLE GUIDE & applying it, we helped transform KUDU into a cohesive brand.

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Design Innovative New Products

We worked closely with Kudu to help them develop new and innovative accessories to add to their product line-up as well as their intellectual property portfolio.

“We were big KUDU fans before we began working together. We love their energy and love the lifestyle associated with their company. ”

— Jeff Broadrick – Senior Project Engineer, Atlas . PMG